How Pointless Jobs Rises Populism And Polarization

When our society was not as advanced as it is today, jobs were necessary, someone had to mine the materials, make the products, server the costumers, farm etc, but today there is a huge amount of tech replacing all these jobs, so how many of today’s jobs are actually useful? And for how long?

Retail worker and truck driver are the 2 most popular jobs in the United States, the fact that driver-less vehicles and automation stores (like the recent new stores of Amazon and Walmart) are replacing the most popular job positions is worrying.

A pointless job can be also pointless in other ways, it can be pointless from the point that you exchange your time with money, which results to building absolutely nothing for yourself or your children, obviously because when you stop working you’ll not receive your “fixed” paycheck.

An other perspective of a pointless job is more practical, because jobs are starting – and will be completely replaced by automation very soon, as tech giants like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and many more are warning.

Universal Basic Income (UBI) is the evolution of today’s Capitalism, it’s actually the right way to do Capitalism, because everyone will have the opportunity to build his business, and poverty will be eradicated while  people will do advanced operations that robots still can’t, like critical and creative thinking.

A universal basic income added to our current system will have the traditional advantages of Capitalism plus zero poverty, but it will also provide everyone a basic amount consuming power in order to get started, that would be great for the economy too as more money will be spend on local businesses, and consuming in general will see an increase.

Without a Universal Basic Income (UBI), populism and polarization will continue to grow, causing our democracy to weaken and therefore allow foreign countries and regimes like the Chinese or the Russian ones to interfere and destabilize.

A free economy with a Universal Basic Income (UBI) are necessary, not only in the future, but today too, as automation and AI are replacing already many job positions, but even the most popular ones like truck driver and cashier are going to be replaced to by autonomous vehicles and AI.

All the jobs that a robot can do shouldn’t be done by humans, that way we can use our skills to do more advanced things, be creative and push the human race forward.

Pointless jobs are caused by our obsession with sticking to the past and not make real progress, old ways of thinking like are slowing down scientific research and cause millions to suffer.


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