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Senator Blames Instagram Instead Of Bad Parenting For Suicides

Is it Instagram’s or the parent’s fault? – This dilemma wasn’t even asked Mr Zuckerberg by the senator who unleashed fury, insults, and bad language towards him, blaming and putting all responsibility on him instead of the parents.

Sure, Instagram and social media are mostly causing harm to society, people have become close to their minds instead of socializing and communicating in real life, time is being wasted, and probably many people around the world experience bad emotions using them.

But who is responsible for me and you using them? The company or ourselves? Who is controlling what we’ll do with our time? Who is choosing Instagram instead of fighting regulations against chickens so we all can have chickens and teach our kids to produce instead of consume?

So here we go, it’s the parents’ fault and not Instagram’s, it’s the government’s fault for being corrupt and getting paid by companies to make the population depend on them when they do, then they turn on the company? Something isn’t right here.

Bad parenting is probably to blame for such events, as kids are allowed to be on social media, most people in the US have their kids inside the house for most of the days instead of teaching them how to survive in a mountain, fishing, hunting, and being self-sufficient.

Sorry senator, since not all teens on Instagram commit suicide, the uncommon variable is the parents, it’s their parents’ fault who allow them to be on there anyway.