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Dana White’s wife slaps him, yes this is the correct title [VIDEO]

Most reports on the story use as their title that “Dana White slaps his wife”, which is a lie because the videos from the incident show that his wife slaps him, then he slapped her back.

Equality means that we should not lie in article titles so they appear in favor of one group of people (women in this case) at the expense of another one (men in this case). We should report events as they happened, in a neutral spirit and in the correct order.

The video shows clearly that Dana’s wife slaps him first, then he fights back, but this report isn’t about the incident itself, but about most reports from huge media outlets reporting fakes information that “Dana White slaps his wife”, which is, of course, a lie as his wife slaps him first.

It is outrageous to watch news titles that are biased and pure lies, these fake report titles that most major news outlets use give the impression of someone who has not seen the video of the incident and that what happened was the exact opposite of what actually happened.

As the fight for equality continues we must all ensure that it’s real equality and not a fake word hiding behind it a secret agenda unknown to us.

The only sure thing is that most major news outlets reported the incident with the same fake title and many at the same time, which is a sign that their goal is beyond profit, perhaps some agendas that the public is aware of its existence.