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JUST IN: 90 Dead by Terrifying Winter Storms

25 people in Tennessee and 16 in Oregon died by weather-related causes as severe ice storms continue and are expected to last for at least 3 more days.

To this time at least 89 people have died across the country according to a tally maintained by CBS, the BBC’s US partner. Last week in Portland, Oregon, a power line fell and struck a vehicle causing three people to be electrocuted to death.

“Mississippi officials are also investigating whether online rumours about potential storm-related water shortages prompted residents to store water in their bathtubs. The move caused a temporary drop in water pressure and dry faucets for thousands of residents in Jackson, the state’s capital, which has historic water issues.

While electricity has largely been restored in areas of the US that lost it due to the winter weather, tens of thousands of people remain without power across the country.

As of Sunday afternoon, the total included nearly 10,000 people in Oregon, 8,000 in North Carolina, 7,000 in California and 4,300 in Kentucky.”, BBC reported.

Meteorologists are warning that the storms may result to flooding in areas of the Midwest and north-eastern US.