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Yet Another Young Korean Dead Due To Overworking & Lack Of UBI

The 36-year-old is just another case where lack of UBI murders, people worldwide are unable to adapt to the 4rth industrial revolution where automation are replacing human workers, resulting to an excess of people in a society where most of the industries are doing just fine with few people and many machines.

In this case it was a delivery driver who had been working since 5am the previous day, clearly society gives him a zero value as a human being, which leaves him with only the value of his work, which is not enough to even keep him alive.

The driver messaged a colleague, pleading to skip a round of parcel deliveries.

“It’s too much,” he wrote. “I just can’t.”

Four days later, Mr Kim was dead. He is one of 14 workers in South Korea who union officials say died because of overwork – most of them delivery drivers.

“One of the drivers who died was 27-year-old Jang Deok-jin, a former Taekwondo enthusiast who had lost 15kg (33lbs) after doing 18 months of night shifts, according to his family. Deok-jin came home from a night shift earlier this month at around six in the morning and headed for a shower. His father found him dead face down in the bathtub an hour later.

“We loved that boy. When he said it was such hard work we told him it was ok to stop working, but he used to tell me that he had plans for his future,” his father said. “I am to blame for not discouraging him from working so hard and exploiting himself.”

Mr Jang’s anger took him to South Korea’s National Assembly. In grief he fell to his knees and begged congressmen to look at the circumstances surrounding his son’s death.

“It is my son who died,” he said. “I am going to let the whole world know about it. I am going to get to the bottom of it.””, BBC reported.

A Universal Basic Income would value all people as human beings so they can survive, which in most cases means that these people will still work more than 8 hours a day but be able to also live and survive with that.