How Yang’s Democracy Dollars Can Make The Word “Lobbyist” Go Extinct

Andrew Yang’s Democracy Dollars policy would give every American $100 a year that would only be able to be used as donations to political campaigns, and would be lost if not used within the year.

Speaking at the “We The People 2020 Presidential Forum”, Andrew Yang explained how his Democracy Dollars policy would eliminate lobbying corruption in America, he also explained why as President he would set term limits for congress and the supreme court. Video by The Zach and Matt Show

“2020 Democratic Presidential candidate Andrew Yang speaks at the We The People 2020: Protecting our Democracy a Decade After Citizens United Forum in Des Moines, Iowa.”

Here’s what Andrew Yang has said on Twitter regarding term limits.

One way to free up legislators from corporate interests is term limits. Right now legislators spend decades in DC trying to stay in power. With term limits you would be free to vote on behalf of your constituents because you are returning home soon anyway.— Andrew Yang🧢 (@AndrewYang) October 3, 2019

“A Democracy Dollars bill that put $100 into every voter’s hands each year to contribute to campaigns and candidates would be a much more effective way to overcome corporate lobbyists than a mild tax. You can’t just make lobbying a bit more expensive. You have to flush it out.”, he added.


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